1 September 2017


To our partners in business,

As you will be aware, Texas has just experienced one of the worst natural disasters in history. Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas Gulf Coast with a powerful punch, and the tremendous amount of rain and flooding brought by the storm was unprecedented. Houston and surrounding areas have been heavily impacted, and our hearts and thoughts are with friends and family throughout the region as we work together to clean up and rebuild in the aftermath of this terrible event.

We were quite fortunate at Shrieve to have experienced minimal impact both at the corporate and personal levels. All of our people remained safe and most suffered minimal property damage.  On the business front, Shrieve remained fully operational during and after the storm, including our manufacturing plant operations in Marlin, Texas. For business activities reliant on third parties, we do anticipate potential issues in regard to the procurement of certain raw materials and on logistics in the coming weeks, as with many chemical producers, roads and refineries have been affected by the storm. 

Shrieve will be working around the clock to ensure our ability to continue the uninterrupted supply of products to our valued customers. Collaboration with our business partners is essential in making this happen, and we encourage you to reach out to your Shrieve representative to coordinate and confirm upcoming orders.

On the personal side, while the continued success of Shrieve’s business, the safety and security of all Shrieve families and the relationship we share with you remains our top priority, the concern and commitment to those left in the wake of Harvey is immediately present. Shrieve’s mission and culture are built on the foundation of service to others. We remain committed to supporting the communities and areas where we live and work and those in need.

The Shrieve Board