Shrieve has enjoyed a significant evolution since the first days of trading sulfuric acid in the late seventies. Our founder, Jim Shrieve set out to build a business that focused on relationships, integrity & trust and these fundamental principles are the foundations for our global business today.

Since joining Shrieve in 1994, I have seen expansion through constantly exceeding customer needs and expectations. From day one, Shrieve has combined an exceptional group of specialists to nurture and develop our business. We want people who see something that isn’t working and take ownership, bring attention to it and together find a better way, ‘the Shrieve way’. Working in collaborative partnerships is now more important than ever.

We are now embarking on the next phase of our development, which will bring greater challenges when we look to provide sustainable, innovative solutions to existing and new markets around the world. With my colleagues, I am committed to this journey and look forward to realizing the full potential of what we have to offer.


  Our vision is to expand our dynamic portfolio of businesses in existing and new markets both locally and globally. The Shrieve brand will be increasingly recognized for extraordinary service, technology leadership and innovation, underpinned by leading global logistics agility across a diverse range of chemistries. Our growth will be underpinned by core values that are integral to our heritage and future.

  Our mission is to provide chemistry that will deliver integrated added-value to the activities of our customers, through our portfolio of businesses. For our specialty businesses, we will place increased effort in the area of sustainable technology to ensure we provide innovative, step-out solutions to evolving market demand. In our distribution businesses, we will excel in providing long-term supply positions, across an increasing portfolio of products through a dedicated team of expert marketers.

Ted Threadgill
President & CEO, Shrieve Chemical Company