Cost-effective, sustainable, custom solutions where you need them. FAST.

We have been providing rapid response chemistry to the oilfield services industry since 1995. Shrieve has a full spectrum of technologies extensively used in Drilling, Completion, Stimulation and Production applications.

Our formulation chemists work closely with our customers to provide optimized solutions to complex oilfield exploration and production challenges.  

We also provide a range of products and services which include lubricants for coiled tubing, products for well set-up, clay control, environmentally friendly base fluids, guar, guar slurries, and chemistry for enhanced oil recovery and cementing. We offer total fluids management programs for fluids and commodities.

By providing differentiated quality assured products, Shrieve can help you to deliver increased profitability in difficult market conditions. Being committed to serving the Oil & Gas industry, Shrieve will steadily increase its global presence by offering a diverse range of best in class products to upstream, midstream and downstream applications.