16 August 2021

Fenagy A/S - HVAC&R

Fenagy A/S (www.fenagy.dk) was founded in the summer of 2020, and is based in Aarhus, Denmark. Their main focus is manufacturing efficient and competitive heat pumps and refrigeration equipment, using CO2 (R-744) as refrigerant, for District Heating and Industrial Applications.

Their customized and factory-built racks are made using tier-one compressors and first-class parts, combined with in-factory high quality finishing.

When looking for a lubricant from the compressors’ manufacturer approved list, they selected Shrieve Zerol® RFL-68EP as the first choice for both refrigeration and heat pump cycles.

Zerol® RFL-68EP is an Asymmetric Double End Capped PAG (Polyalkylene Glycol), designed specifically to work with R-744 refrigeration and HP equipment, in all conditions (sub- and transcritical).

High thermal and chemical resistance, superior lubricity thanks to its tolerance to gas dilution, are properties that ensure compressor lubrication for a long time, extending the ODI (Oil Drain Interval) several times that of other conventional chemistries. Below an example of oil condition monitoring analysis.

Fenagy are committed to ensuring a smooth installation, trouble free commissioning, and service of the racks. Focusing on customer’s needs, their units can deliver highly efficient supply temperatures and performance/capacity.



Wear is negligible, with Iron at the lower limit of detection and the rest of metals below it. Viscosity and humidity are in within specification. TAN is well within acceptable operational limits.