19 October 2020


Last week, the first bulk delivery of Saraline 185v base fluid arrived at the ASCO Fuel and Lubricants storage facility in the Aberdeen harbour complex.

Signalling Shrieve’s ongoing commitment to drilling activities in the North Sea, the establishment of a large scale bulk storage base in Aberdeen provides the industry with the additional confidence of locally available, industry-proven synthetic base fluid around the clock.

This activity extends more than three years supporting base fluids into the North Sea and complements an extensive range of oil and gas chemicals being supplied from our Aberdeen team across the globe since 1999.

"The selection of ASCO Fuel & Lubricants storage facility in Aberdeen offers our customers greater flexibility and availability of a trusted solution for the North Sea. Saraline 185v complements Shrieve's strong offering of base fluids and adds to an expanding portfolio of oilfield chemicals that we are able to offer to customers all over the world," adds Andrew Matheson - International Business Manager, Shrieve


Shell GTL Saraline 185V is an innovative, non-toxic, multi-application synthetic base fluid at the forefront of meeting drilling demands and challenges. Its distinctive properties result in excellent drilling performance in a wide range of conditions, from deep water to high-temperature wells in addition to outstanding environmental profile. Product is readily available in sustainable quantities and can be supported long-term in high volumes and with a logistics infrastructure to support operations all year round.

Please visit the Oil & Gas section to find out more about our range of base fluids and oilfield chemicals.

Alastair Parker, Shrieve visiting ASCO F&L Storage in Aberdeen Habour Complex

Above: Alastair Parker (left) - Operations Manager, Shrieve overseeing the first delivery of Saraline 185v base fluid into ASCO Fuel & Lubricants Storage, Aberdeen Harbour Complex.

Disclaimer: Saraline is a brand name of Shell.