PROGILINE® FA-D is an advanced diesel additive package that maintains fuel system cleanliness and with it, engine efficiency.

PROGILINE FA-D is an advanced, multifunctional additive package for use in treating diesel fuels to help maintain or restore diesel engine performance.

It is designed to be added to base fuels and used across the diesel vehicle population, from passenger cars, light commercial vehicles through to heavy-duty diesel transport.

PROGILINE FA-D will help compression ignition diesel engines to run more smoothly and reduce the number of unplanned fuel-related maintenance visits.

Why do we need a diesel additive package?

  1. OEMs have had to tackle harmful exhaust emissions and with it produced ever smaller, more efficient, less polluting internal combustion engines until newer solutions are established.
  2. The diverse diesel vehicle population has multiple engine types in use. Modern engines have become increasingly sensitive to fuel quality.
  3. Deposit build-up as part of the combustion process can seriously affect the smooth running and efficiency of the engine, resulting in loss of power, increased use of fuel and increased emissions from original design levels.

Shrieve's PROGILINE FA-D Diesel Fuel Additives are currently available in Europe, Middle-East & Africa. For further information, please contact us.


PROGILINE FA-D helps to:
  • maintain fuel system cleanliness and with it, engine efficiency
  • allow compression ignition diesel engines to run more smoothly and reduce the number of unplanned fuel-related maintenance visits
  • restore lost power
  • maintain optimum fuel consumption and emissions levels.

In addition, the formulation offers:

  • protection against oxidation and corrosion in the fuel system
  • better fuel handling as foaming is reduced, resulting in fewer spillages
  • an increase in diesel fuel cetane number, via a cetane improver.

PROGILINE FA-D offers a two-stage differentiation opportunity:

Fuel Treat-rate mg/kg

Main pump grade (optimised for 'keep-clean' performance)

Premium pump grade (optimised for 'clean-up' performance)



EXAMPLE 'Clean-up' performance

This industry test demonstrates that with the addition of PROGILINE FA-D at a treat rate appropriate for ‘premium’ fuels, power loss recovery is rapidly observed.


In the same industry test, as shown above, PROGILINE FA-G included in the base fuel at a treat rate appropriate for ‘main grade’ fuels, excellent ‘keep clean’ performance is demonstrated from the start of the test.

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