FUEL ADDITIVES - Understanding how much you need

If you go to the local supermarket, you can save 2-3 pence (or eurocents) per litre but there is almost certainly zero or minimal additive in the fuel. If you go to a branded station and elect to buy the super grade version promising so much more it costs an extra 10- 15p (or eurocents) a litre. These costs add up. If you run a fleet of vehicles or trucks and choose to buy a tanker of fuel from the ‘spot’ market and run without additive, it is definitely cheaper.

Are you really saving money and are you contributing to climate change more than you really should be or need to be?

The marketing tells us that a fuel additive such as what Shrieve provide will allow the vehicle to travel further on the litre of fuel; it also tells us that the emissions will be reduced as the fuel is burning cleaner. We may be happy to accept this, but can we justify the extra expense to buy the fuel with the additives? The cost can be an extra 2.5% over the supermarket fuel and a whopping 12% more if we buy the all-singing and dancing variety from the service station.

So, the dilemma is thus: You want to run the fleet using less fuel and want to emit less but the cost to pay for this would mean you need to increase your price; this may hurt your business if your rivals do not increase their charges!

So, how much does it cost to buy the additives and add it to your own fuel?

Like most things there can be a sliding scale on this. It may be better to ask yourself, what price point are you prepared to pay to gain the benefits of the fuel additives?

If all you want is the cheapest legal fuel in the market and you are not prepared to pay anything to help slow down climate change then the supermarket is the ideal place for you; or if you run a fleet, the spot market, without additive included, is the place.

But would you be prepared to pay 1-2p (or eurocents) to help save the planet? One of the benefits of a fuel additive is it improves the fuel economy figures by around 4%. Do the maths, a 4% saving on fuel costs is more cash than the extra 1 -2p (eurocents) you are paying for the additive!! In addition, the emissions are cleaner, so you are even helping the environment.

You need to buy additives to add to your ‘spot’ purchased fuel.

Why is this not common knowledge? In short, the larger additive suppliers do not have the infrastructure to sell small amounts; they will sell to retailers in large quantities and for a large mark-up the retailer can re-bottle the goods and sell it in its shops. Thinking this is another option for your fleet?

Of course, it is an option. But ask yourself what is the small bottle made from? Plastic, more plastic. Is there any point in reducing the emissions on the one hand if you are going to then dispose of yet another plastic bottle?

In case the answer to the question “How much fuel additive do I need for my fleet?” wasn’t easily answered. The answer is actually very little!

Just 166mg (NOT Grams but MILIGRAMS) per treated litre of diesel is all you need.

Time to find out how you can buy additives that cost 1-2p per litre when added to basic fuel:

Visit our fuel Additives section or contact us here at Shrieve.