PROGILINE® FA-G is a powerful gasoline additive that will combat fuel system deposits in today’s most advanced engines.

PROGILINE FA-G is a high-performance gasoline additive package that has been formulated for today’s advanced direct injection spark ignition (DISI) engines. 

The requirement for detergency in fuels is not new. Deposit build-up in older carburetted, manifold or port fuel injected gasoline engines will cause a loss of performance.

Today’s more efficient direct injection spark ignition (DISI) engines are even more susceptible to fuel related deposit fouling and require more sophisticated additive technology to maintain peak performance.

Why do we need a gasoline additive package?

  1. In parallel with the development of alternative propulsion systems, automotive OEMs will continue with internal combustion engine (ICE) development in order to meet increasing legislative requirements and as an integral part of the current transition to hybrid types.
  2. Even in older engine designs, deposit build-up within the fuel system – from carburettor to port fuel injection fuel systems – affects engine performance. Today the most complex, fuel-efficient engines are even more susceptible to such build-up.
  3. With untreated base fuels, deposits can build up on critical areas of the fuel system, including fuel injectors. These deposits will restrict fuel flow and cause an increase in emissions, fuel consumption and loss of overall engine efficiency.

Shrieve's PROGILINE FA-G Gasoline Fuel Additives are currently available in Europe, Middle-East & Africa. For further information, please contact us.


PROGILINE® FA-G helps to:
  • remove existing injector deposits (‘clean-up’)
  • prevent injector fouling (‘keep-clean’)
  • reduce particle emissions
  • increase fuel efficiency
  • preserve engine power
  • maintain optimum fuel system reliability.

PROGILINE FA-G offers a two-stage differentiation opportunity:


Main pump grade (optimised for ‘keep clean’ performance)

Premium pump grade (optimised for ‘clean-up’ performance)




This industry test demonstrates that with the addition of PROGILINE FA-G at a treat rate appropriate for ‘premium’ fuels, deposits are rapidly removed from a modern DISI engine, returning the fuel injection time to its original position.


In the same industry test, as shown above, PROGILINE FA-G included in the base fuel at a treat rate appropriate for ‘main grade’ fuels, excellent ‘keep clean’ performance is demonstrated from the start of the test.

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