The ZEROL HD premium PAG lubricant series has been specifically formulated for mobile air conditioning systems using the latest generation R1234yf refrigerant. They provide no-compromise, HFO-stabilizing performance across automotive applications utilized in traditional, hybrid-electric, electric vehicles, and systems employing HFO and R134a refrigerant.


R1234yf is a HydroFluoroOlefin (HFO) synthetic refrigerant which exhibits low global warming (GWP) and no ozone depletion potential (ODP). This refrigerant has been designed to replace R134a as a more environmentally conscious alternative.

The lubrication regime for R1234yf is demanding. Shrieve participates proactively throughout the industry during the development of new refrigerants to ensure our lubricant programs are able to complement the latest system design.


HFOs are the fourth generation refrigerants which deliver extremely low global warming potential in comparison to its predecessors. The fourth generation refrigerants are designed with short atmospheric lifetimes, whilst also being categorised as having no ozone depletion potential (ODP).

Why choose Shrieve’s Zerol HD?

Shrieve are market leading in their development of lubricants in the refrigeration and air conditioning compressor market, delivering great chemistry for 40 years.

Shrieve’s Zerol HD PAG technology has been specifically designed for mobile air conditioning systems which include hybrid, hybrid-electric and electric operated vehicles running air conditioning systems. Our technical ability has enabled us to produce a HydroFluoroOlefin (HFO) synthetic lubricant that is highly optimised coupled with an additisation technology.

For systems utilising R1234yf our Zerol HD lubricant enables systems to operate with greater efficiency over a longer period of time.


With hybrid and electric vehicles, the future of our driving experiences, growing steadily year on year, the use of R1234yf refrigerants has continued to also increase as the future refrigerant of choice for mobile air conditioning systems. Worldwide we currently have approximately 44 million vehicles on the road using R1234yf refrigerants and this continues to grow.


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The electric vehicle population will continue to grow with a corresponding increase in electrically driven compressors for cabin air conditioning. These systems require lubricant technology exhibiting high levels of electrical resistivity. Our refrigeration oils are perfectly suited for keeping hybrid, hybrid-electric, and electric automotive vehicle A/C systems running smoothly.

ZEROL HD lubricants are PAG oils that have been designed to meet the needs of electrically driven compressors utilizing R1234yf as a refrigerant. They are available in PAG 46 and PAG 100 ISO viscosity grades and in a variety of pack sizes, from 5-liter cans to IBCs and iso tanks.

Features Benefits
  • PAG technology specifically designed for use in electrically driven MAC compressors
  • Highly optimized product quality coupled with specifically developed additisation technology
  • Excellent lubricity, viscosity index and chemical stability
  • Compliant with electric resistivity properties for motor-integrated compressors
  • Ensures highest level of system efficiency and stability
  • Superior performance compared to non-PAG technologies

The ZEROL HD range is based on sophisticated double-end capped polyalkylene glycol (PAG) technology, optimized specifically to maximize miscibility in R1234yf to ensure highest levels of system efficiency. These speciality lubricants contain additive technology specifically developed to ensure thermal, chemical and hydrolytic system stability in R1234yf belt-driven systems. They are available in PAG 46 and PAG 100 ISO viscosity grades and in a variety of pack sizes, from 5-liter cans to IBCs and iso tanks.

Features Benefits
  • Double end-capped PAG technology specifically optimised for R1234yf
  • Specifically developed additisation technology
  • Lower water absorbing tendency compared to alternative PAG lubricants
  • Offers highest level of system efficiency
  • Helps to ensure thermal, chemical and hydrolytic system stability
  • Helps to improve system reliability and lifetime

ZEROL HD is backwards compatible with R134a refrigerant-based systems.

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Did you know?

The primary technical concerns for the development of lubricants suitable for use with R1234yf is the miscibility with the refrigerant (which is determined by PAG base fluid selection), and stability of the lubricant in combination with R1234yf, due to the chemically reactive nature of the refrigerant.