Shrieve is able to offer a wide variety of ZEROL® ESTER lubricants for both mobile and stationary applications. They consist of a complete range of synthetic refrigeration and air conditioning lubricants based on polyol ester (POE) technology.

These synthetic lubricants are formulated for performance in refrigeration and air conditioning compressors using HFC, CFC or HCFC refrigerants. They are chemically and thermally stable for cleaner operating performance and provide wear protection for contact surfaces for longer system life and system efficiency. They are miscible over the required broad temperature ranges of commercial/industrial systems.

ZEROL® ESTER offers excellent electrical insulating properties as required for use in hermetic systems.

Our core ZEROL® ESTER range is typically available in the following viscosity grades:

Viscosity Grade (VG Typical): 22; 32; 46; 68; 100; 170; 220

Instructions from the compressor manufacturer must always be followed.

ZEROL® ESTER 85H is a premium synthetic polyolester (POE) lubricant formulated for use in refrigeration and air-conditioning compressors. The products provide effective wear protection for steel and aluminium surfaces for increased system life and improved efficiency and are suitable for both initial fill and service fill. The combination of low temperature characteristics and unparalleled chemical and thermal stability enable the use of this technology over a wide operating temperature range.

Instructions from the compressor manufacturer must always be followed

Product Application
  • HFC R134a belt & electric systems
  • HFO R1234yf belt driven systems

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