We innovate

Technology is at the heart of what we do.
We are ready to develop Great Chemistry with you.

Shrieve has made a continuing investment in the development of technology-based differentiated solutions into the markets we serve.

From our technology centers in the United States and China, we are able to work closely with OEMs, customers and other key stakeholders to develop new products, from low viscosity, fully synthetic refrigeration lubricants through to high-performance base fluids for drilling applications in the oilfield.

Our capabilities include:

  • World-class formulation and application engineering teams; Shrieve employs graduate and PhD level industry experts who develop, apply and create synthetic chemistries for our targeted market segments.
  • Specific laboratory analysis tools, including the determination of refrigeration-lubricant mixture properties (pressure, viscosity and temperature testing), as part of our HVAC&R and other speciality lubricant programmes. 
  • Tailored speciality lubricant formulation expertise, including a leading knowledge base in alkylbenzene and polyalkylene glycol chemistry.
  • We identify where opportunities exist and are able to transfer technology across sectors to add-value where appropriate.

Coupled with new product innovation, we see this flexible offering as a key to future success.