Lubricant and Refrigerant Direction for China Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Market


Over the next decade, the global refrigeration and air conditioning compressor industry is anticipated to increase to 23 billion USD with China expected to account for over 40 percent of the market. During this time, it is also expected that there could be a significant transition to lower global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants. With this type of volume, it is advantageous for China to move towards more environmentally friendly lower GWP refrigerants in a timely manner.

One benefit of the transition in China is that other regions of the world have already invested resources to evaluate various low GWP options. With each refrigerant option, it is important to investigate acceptable lubricant selections to maintain compressor and system reliability and performance. Due to changes in some of the alternative refrigerant chemistries, it is imperative to evaluate various lubricant-refrigerant properties like miscibility, solubility, working viscosity and stability.

This paper will discuss some of the refrigerants and matching lubricants that will be focused on over the next several years.


Written by: Joe Karnaz - Technical Director, Shrieve; Jun Liu -  

Written for: ICCR 2019


  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of the Chinese Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Market
  3. Review of Next Generation Refrigerants
  4. Lubricant and Refrigerant Interactions
  5. Lubricant Candidates for Particular Refrigerants
  6. What's Next for China
  7. Conclusions