ICE32 is a revolutionary performance enhancer designed specifically for use in mobile air conditioning systems (MAC) and has been shown to aid in:

• Improving system reliability and efficiency
• Enhancing cooling performance
• Improving vehicle fuel economy
• Reducing system noise
• Extending compressor life by reducing wear.

ICE32 was developed and introduced across the USA with impressive results in both the heavy-duty and passenger car vehicle population and now offers to enhance the ever more important air conditioning service element for vehicle service centers and air conditioning specialists across Europe.

ICE32 is compatible with all common automotive air conditioning lubricants such as PAGs, POEs and with R134a and other HFC systems. ICE32 is also compatible with all elastomer types commonly used in MAC systems. It is biodegradable and does not contain chlorinated or sulphonated chemistry.

Shrieve is now developing next generation ICE technology that will offer benefits for new systems employing our ZEROL HD range of lubricants and the low ozone depletion and global warming potential HFO refrigerant R1234yf. Please contact us for further information on our expanding portfolio of system performance enhancers.

Download our Zerol High Performance Lubricant Brochure here.


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