ZEROL® HFO is a proprietary lubricant additive formulated to provide enhanced system stability, lubricity, and friction reduction when used in mobile R1234yf air-conditioning systems.

Effective lubrication of the latest R1234yf MAC systems is critical to system operation and longevity. The R1234yf refrigerant molecule has been developed as an environmentally friendly replacement to HFC R134a refrigerant and has different characteristics, which has led to challenges for lubricant formulators.

ZEROL HFO has been designed to extend system lifetime of mobile systems utilizing HFO refrigerants by chemical stabilization of the free radical /acidic species which may be generated in these systems. ZEROL HFO utilizes a novel patented proprietary free radical/acid scavenging polymer that can be utilized at much lower treat rates than pre-existing free radical/acid scavenging additive technology.


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ZEROL HFO has been specifically developed to stabilize the latest automotive R1234yf refrigerant air conditioning systems.

ZEROL HFO helps to: ZEROL HFO is:
  • Stabilize automotive R1234yf refrigerant air conditioning systems
  • Reduce free radical and acidic species
  • Improve extreme pressure (EP) operation & provides anti-wear
  • Maintain general system condition and efficiency
  • Extend compressor life – reduction of premature failures
  • Maintain general system condition & efficiency whilst in service
  • Single application for life
  • Works with PAG and POE lubricant technologies in HFO & HFC belt and electric systems
  • Is fully compatible with the #1 OEM PAG Oil for R1234yf systems


ZEROL HFO should only be installed by a professional in a vehicle service center.

ZEROL HFO is injected into the low-pressure port of the system whilst the compressor is ON. 8% of the total compressor oil volume is dosed for optimum performance. In larger systems, the respective volume of oil should be removed prior to the dosing of ZEROL HFO. The typical dosage requirement recommended for a standard 240ml compressor lubricant fill is 20ml (3/4oz).

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