Shrieve’s ZEROL PAG R717 range are high-performance, water-soluble polyalkylene glycol (PAG) synthetic lubricants for R-717 (NH3) miscible refrigerant-based applications. They represent an extension to our natural refrigerant lubricant portfolio, including ZEROL 350 synthetic alkyl benzene (AB) lubricant for non-miscible R-717 systems.

ZEROL PAG R717 is available in five different viscosity grades to meet the requirements of a complete range of miscible R717 systems; such uses include ammonia screw compressors for industrial applications. ZEROL PAG R717 lubricants offer good miscibility, fluidity and stability. Owing to their copolymer molecular structure, these lubricants provide good lubricity, giving overall enhanced lubricant performance across a wide temperature range.

ZEROL PAG R717 lubricants are also H1 compliant for use where incidental food contact compliance is required (21CFR #178.3570).

Environmentally friendly, natural refrigerants are playing an increasingly important role within the HVAC&R industry. Shrieve has developed an entire range of synthetic lubricant solutions to these sustainable initiatives and research continues in this area.

ZEROL PAG R717 lubricant displays the following features and benefits:

  • Capped copolymer PAG lubricant, formulated with wear prevention technology
  • Specifically designed for R717 (NH3) refrigerant in stationary refrigeration systems employing miscible lubricant systems
  • Excellent thermal, chemical and hydrolytic stability
  • Good hydrodynamic and boundary lubricating properties, resulting in minimised levels of wear
  • Full miscibility with R717 (NH3) across the full operating temperature range
  • ZEROL PAG R717 helps to reduce downtime and therefore maintenance costs

The physical chemical properties of the ZEROL PAG R717 range, including their water solubility and FDA incidental food contact compliance, make them suitable for use in other applications:

  • Miscible R134a systems
  • Gear lubricants
  • Hydraulic fluids
  • Air compressor lubricants
  • Textile lubricants
  • Water-based metalworking fluids

ZEROL PAG R717 is available in the following viscosity grades: 

  • VG 52, 68, 100, 150 and 220.

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