Food Grade approved refrigeration lubricant for CO2 Systems

ZEROL PAG R744 FG range are high-performance, water-soluble polyalkylene glycol (PAG) synthetic lubricant technology for R744 (CO2) refrigerant-based applications where NSF H1 compliance is required.

Carbon Dioxide (R744) has been used as a refrigerant since the introduction of industrial refrigeration systems during the last century. The gas has excellent thermodynamic properties coupled with a low impact on the environment, having lowest Global Warming (GWP) and Ozone Depletion Potentials (ODP). Its uses have grown as an extremely effective natural refrigerant in specifically designed industrial systems such as supermarket chillers and hot water heat pumps.

ZEROL PAG R744 FG is available in five different viscosity grades to meet the requirements of a complete range of R744 systems. These lubricants offer good miscibility, fluidity and stability. Owing to their capped copolymer molecular structure, ZEROL PAG R744 FG lubricants provide good lubricity, giving overall enhanced lubricant performance across a wide temperature range. The PAG R744 FG range represents an extension to our natural refrigerant lubricant portfolio for CO2 systems, enabling utilisation in systems where incidental food contact may occur and hence NSF H1 compliance is a requirement. ZEROL PAG R744 FG lubricants have also been approved for use where incidental food contact compliance is required in accordance with USDA 21CFR #178.3570.


Typical Properties

Our Zerol® PAG R744 FG is available in five different viscosity grades to meet the requirements of a complete range of R744 systems. See the typical properties of our R744 range below:

Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
  • Capped copolymer PAG lubricant, formulated with wear prevention technology.
  • Specifically designed for R744 (CO2) refrigerant in stationary refrigeration systems.
  • Excellent thermal, chemical and hydrolytic stability.
  • Maximises oil return to the compressor for system efficiency, without loss of hydrodynamic/boundary lubrication properties.
  • Lubrication properties are not compromised even under elevated pressure and temperature conditions.
  • Prolongs stable operating conditions, reduces downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Minimised water ingress compared to alternate R744 technologies.
  • Compatible with all metallic and elastomeric components commonly employed for maximised system stability and extended life.
  • Ensures high system efficiency and no compromise in lubrication at temperature extremes.

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