PREMIUM PAG LUBRICANTS FOR CO2 and R-134a Refrigerant applications

Shrieve polyalkylene glycol lubricant technology offers a complete range of premium ZEROL® products for compressor lubrication. Our advanced RFL chemistry utilizes a specialty double end-capped (or ‘di-capped’) PAG that offers exceptional performance across both mobile and stationary applications for CO2 and R134a refrigerant-based systems.

RFL PAG lubricants

Our RFL type of polyalkylene glycol basefluid was developed specifically for use with R134 refrigerant and CO2 refrigerant. It has a novel “dicapped” structure which ensures optimum miscibility with R134a refrigerant for mobile applications and CO2 refrigerant for both mobile and stationary systems.

The RFL-X range are formulated specifically for use with R134a refrigerant and find common application in mobile air conditioning systems utilising R134a. The RFL-EP range are formulated specifically for the high-pressure conditions associated with CO2 refrigerant and find application in both mobile AC and stationary systems where CO2 is the utilised refrigerant gas.

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ZEROL® RFL-EP technology offers extreme pressure (EP) performance and provides efficient lubrication for both existing stationary and future mobile R744 (CO2) compressors, with optimized levels of refrigerant miscibility being achieved as a result of the capping technology. 

The novel capping technology of the RFL molecule ensures optimum miscibility with CO2 refrigerant but is also formulated with an optimised additive package to ensure optimum compressor protection under the evaluated pressure conditions of CO2 systems. The RFL-EP range also utilises antioxidant and white/yellow metal corrosion protection technology to ensure an optimised product for product lifetime and system protection against corrosion in the event of any moisture ingress.


ZEROL® RFL-X grades have been designed specifically as an OEM approved product choice for application with R134a (HFC) refrigerant in MAC (Mobile Air Conditioning) systems.

The RFL molecule ensures compliance with automotive compressor OEM high standards of specification with regard to lubricant selection. In addition to ensure the broadest temperature range of miscibility with R134a refrigerant, the RFL-X range are formulated to ensure full compliance with OEM requirements regarding, corrosion protection, low moisture and TAN (Total Acid Value), hence ensure maximum system chemical stability.

What is the difference between ZEROL RFL-EP & RFL-X?

The Zerol® RFL-EP range are formulated to ensure maximum compressor lubrication under the demanding conditions of CO2 refrigerant compression. The Zerol® RFL-X range are formulated to ensure maximum compressor efficiency and hence system efficiency as designated by the stringent auto AC compressor OEM requirements for R134a systems, with which the RFL-X range fully comply.

CO2 refrigerant (R744) is a leading natural refrigerant under adoption as a future primary non-ozone depleting technology. A high level of development in the area of CO2 based systems for commercial and industrial applications is in progress, most notably in the areas of CO2 commercial refrigeration and heat pumps.

The ZEROL® RFL-EP range are specialty double end-capped PAGs, engineered specifically to operate under the high pressure/temperature conditions of CO2 compression. They provide highly efficient lubrication for R744 compressors, with optimized levels of refrigerant miscibility to ensure wear protection even under the highest levels of CO2 dilution, where alternate lubricants may demonstrate loss in hydrodynamic and boundary lubrication.

The ZEROL® RFL-EP range is extensively OEM approved for commercial and industrial stationary CO2 refrigeration, and is available in viscosities ranging between ISO 46-150.

Features Benefits
  • Double end-capped PAG lubricant with optimised miscibility in CO2 
  • Excellent load bearing (EP) properties
  • Excellent thermal, chemical and hydrolytic stability
  • Reduced water absorbance tendency
  • System component compatibility
  • High Viscosity Index/Low pour point
  • Maximises oil return to the compressor for system efficiency, without loss of hydrodynamic/boundary lubrication properties
  • Lubrication properties are not compromised even under elevated pressure and temperature conditions
  • Prolongs stable operating conditions, reduces downtime and maintenance costs
  • Minimised water ingress compared to alternate R744 technologies
  • Compatible with all metallic and elastomeric components commonly employed for maximised system stability and extended life
  • Ensures high system efficiency and no compromise in lubrication at temperature extremes

ZEROL® RFL-X lubricants are formulated for compressors that require a superior, high-performance lubricant with viscosities ranging between ISO 46-150.

They are fully compliant with the technical requirements for MAC double end-capped PAG lubricants specified by leading global compressor manufacturers and carry a number of OEM approvals.

Features Benefits
  • Double end-capped PAG lubricant with optimised miscibility in R134a
  • Excellent EP performance, primarily derived from the di-capped base fluid structure
  • Lower water absorbing tendency compared to alternative PAG products
  • Excellent thermal, chemical and hydrolytic stability
  • High flash point and low pour point
  • Excellent system component compatibility
  • Maximises oil return to the compressor ensuring highest system efficiency
  • Excellent hydrodynamic and boundary lubrication properties, resulting in minimised levels of wear
  • Improves system reliability and lifetime
  • Helps to reduce downtime and maintenance costs
  • Helps to ensure operation across the broadest temperature range
  • Compatible with metallic and elastomeric components commonly employed in MAC systems.

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Did you know?

Shrieve ZEROL RFL-EP is the premium lubricant solution for CO2 systems, approved by Dorin, CSC Inc., Bitzer, Frascold, Minlanda, Mycom and Sabroe.