Shrieve BIO-ADD solutions help to address the challenges of treating, mitigating, and inhibiting paraffin waxes and asphaltene deposits. Shrieve has BIO-ADD 9030 for Paraffin and Asphaltene inhibition. We also have two effective wax removal products, SCP MS5501 and BIO-EXP 20-2.

Paraffins and asphaltenes are found in all heavy crude oil but the characteristics of each crude oil vary from one geography to the next. This makes it impossible to find a single chemical solution that will be effective for all crude oils. The existing solutions range through a spectrum from simple solvent treatments, the addition of heat, application of pressure, through to bespoke well-site treatments, from major production chemical suppliers. 

BTEX solvents (containing Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, or Xylene) remain a popular solution. These are very versatile and are particularly good at dissolving some paraffin waxes and asphaltenes; paraffins fall out of waxy crude as temperature drops and asphaltenes are deposited increasingly with dropping pressure. These solvents are cost-effective, but growing awareness of the hazards to personal health & safety, and the environmental damage caused by BTEX is making this an unsustainable solution for some countries.

BIO-ADD 9030

An oil-soluble paraffin inhibitor that can be used to formulate pour point depressants and wax dispersants. It is a flow control agent for paraffinic crude oils and is an effective paraffin inhibitor and asphaltene inhibitor for downhole and oilfield production operations. BIO-ADD 9030 forms a complex with paraffin solids and controls particle size, thus reducing downhole deposition problems.

Shrieve offer two different wax removal products, one an organic solution citrus terpene, SCP MS 5501, the other a high purity petrochemical-based dihexyl ether, BIO-EXP 20-2.

Other products are in development as part of an ongoing research and development Project.

Shrieve can offer some BTEX solvents depending on environmental legislation within specific geographies.

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