Wellbore Cleaners

The BIO-ADD WBC series of products provide a range of effective one stage well-clean-up & displacement chemicals. Using a combination of powerful solvents capable of dissolving mud residues, together with a blend of surfactants to provide outstanding water-wetting of the metal surfaces, the BIO-ADD WBC range delivers all the functionality of a multi-stage displacement pill train within a single product.

Our goal was to formulate a product line to provide both top -tier cleaning performance and have an excellent HSE profile that meets all current environmental requirements.  When incorporated in a suitable wellbore clean-up and displacement program, these components fulfil the roles of thinners, dissolvers, and dispersants of oil-based and synthetic-based drilling fluids, to leave all-metal casing, liners, and tubulars in the desired water-wet condition.

BIO-ADD WBC will function in water, seawater, and brines. BIO-ADD WBC can be added to any high viscosity, or high density, push-pills pumped before or after the main clean-up pill.

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