For over 30 years Shrieve has been one of the largest suppliers of synthetic electrical insulating fluids to the US utility industry, cable OEM manufacturers, and contractor installation/repair facilities. Shrieve’s dielectric fluids are approved for use in both underground and submarine cable applications. In addition, Shrieve dielectric fluids meet the AEIC CS31-95 specification for electrically insulating filling liquids for high pressure pipe type cable systems.

Shrieve’s dielectric fluids are not only required to insulate but help to cool and lubricate high voltage electrical equipment. As important, Shrieve dielectric fluids help to protect electrical equipment from oxidation and corrosion which can shorten equipment life. The chemical, physical, and electrical properties of insulating fluids must meet strict manufacturing specifications in order to perform consistently over many years of use.

DF 30L

Shrieve DF 30L Dielectric Fluid is used in convection and forced-cooled pipe cable systems and with its high resistance to gassing under electrical stress it is also used in self-contained cable systems. Also, the low viscosity of DF 30L (approximately 5.5 mm2/s @ 40°C [ASTM D445]) offers greater energy efficiency.

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