Applications for our PROGILINE® FOAM INHIBITOR

Processing solutions often create the unwanted problem of foaming, reducing the processing efficiency and clogging equipment. This can lead to unpredicted downtime to clean equipment. Shrieve's PROGILINE® Foam Inhibitor product range can resolve foaming issues across a variety of aqueous processing applications from industries that operate within alcohol and non-alcohol beverages, animal feed, fermentation, fruit and vegetables, sugars and syrups and loads more.

See below to understand more about our antifoaming agent applications.

Our PROGILINE® FI products are specifically for industries that use water in their manufacturing process.

At Shrieve we understand the importance of your manufacturing process. Our PROGILINE® FI products are:

  • FDA compliant
  • Generally recognised as Safe (“GRAS”).
  • Kosher and Halal approved
  • Do not contain any Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) plant or animal products nor any applicable ingredients that could cause a food allergic reaction

Using PROGILINE® FI will help to lower overall foam control adjuvant inventory and lead to a more simplified and efficient supply chain.