Shrieve’s foam control solution for beverages, including alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, dry drink mixes and more.

Traditionally, foam control is managed by utilizing one or both of a defoamer and / or an anti-foam agent. Shrieve’s PROGILINE® Foam Inhibitor range has been designed to do both within beverages manufacturing: they destroy foam already present and at the same time prevent foam from forming.  Its innovative Chemistry activates solely by the temperature. When the activation range is reached, PROGILINE® FI, by mimicking the molecules contained in the bubbles that form the foam, destabilises the bubble wall causing the foam to break down. This ensures Shrieve’s PROGILINE® Foam Inhibitor is the ideal solution as a lubricant foam inhibitor. Below its activation temperature range they are fully soluble in water, with no residues.

The beverage industry trends towards high performing and low dosage products fully compliant with food legislation. PROGILINE® FI, PAG foam inhibitor range is the perfect solution for the beverage industry, whereby breaking up air bubbles in manufacturing is required.

Excess foam during beverage production and processing can cause serious operational and quality problems, for example foaming during bottling can make the volume control unreliable. Variables within the beverage production influence the foam control product required and the treat rate needed to suppress or control foam within the parameters required for the stage of production in question. A beverage antifoam solution such as Shrieve’s PROGILINE® Foam Inhibitor ensures your beverage production process has limited operational problems.

Shrieve has implemented a specific range of food grade certified products that address foaming issues met during processing beverages. Shrieve offers a comprehensive range of foam inhibitors for juice, alcohol, soft drinks and other beverage processing in specific temperature ranges.

What are the benefits of using PROGILINE® FI products for the beverage industry?

  • Ready to use product (No dilution required, simplifying dosing)
  • Tailored products providing optimum performance for specific processes
  • Antifoam and de-foaming capabilities.
  • Minimise dosage rates in any given application.
  • 30 – 60% reduction in treat rate over previous solutions employed (based on field trial data).
  • Using PROGILINE ® FI products will help lower overall foam control and lead to a more simplified and efficient supply chain.

PROGILINE® FI range compliances

The PROGILINE® FI product range are:

  • GRAS in accordance with CFR requirements
  • Kosher (Pareve Passover)
  • Halal certified
  • Non-GMO and Non-Allergen certified, compliant with EU Food Additive Regulation
  • REACH registered.

beverage Processing Temperatures

Shrieve offers a comprehensive range of foam inhibitors for beverage processing in specific temperatures ranges.

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