Shrieve’s foam control solution for food processing including fruit, vegetables and more.

Processing in fruit and vegetable applications is a formidable task. Manufacturers can be faced with narrow windows and complex multi-stage processes that need to run 24 hours a day. Foam interfering can be a crucial problem in many processing applications:  PROGILINE® FI product range is the answer to foaming issues across fruit and vegetable processing applications.

The PROGILINE® FI range of foam inhibitors are highly specific, active products that minimise dosage rates in their given application. This is achieved by designing the molecular structure within each grade for each application, providing 100% active product that requires no dilution before stage dosing.

Shrieve has implemented a specific range of food grade certified products that address foaming issues met during processing of sugar beet and other fruit and vegetables. Shrieve offers a comprehensive range of foam inhibitors for fruit and vegetable processing in specific temperatures ranges.

Processing temperatures can vary drastically from one stage of processing to the next, and not all foam control agents work well at all temperatures. Many processing facilities consist of both colder and warmer processes where foam is an issue. To solve this, Shrieve has designed the PROGILINE® FI portfolio to work at specific ranges of temperature according to the intended application. This makes products in the portfolio ideal for everything from the colder stages to hot stages such as diffusion processes, where water temperatures can typically reach 50–90°C.

With the right choice of concentrated PROGILINE® FI, PAG foam inhibitor, plant managers can not only ensure defoaming and antifoaming properties, but they can also do so at a temperature of their choice. In doing so, the challenges associated with food and beverage production applications just became a lot easier.

What are the benefits of using PROGILINE® FI products for the fruit and vegetable processing industry?

  • They reduce requirement for different types of products used, as they work both anti-foaming and defoaming agents.
  • They reduce overall inventory and give optimum performance for specific processes.
  • The lower treat rate leads to less residual product in waste streams.
  • PAG chemistry provides excellent chemical stability as the PROGILINE® FI products retain their performance in cyclical washing systems and across extremes of pH.
  • They provide flexibility in use across processes.

PROGILINE® FI range compliances

The PROGILINE® FI product range are:

  • GRAS in accordance with CFR requirements
  • Kosher (Pareve Passover)
  • Halal certified
  • Non-GMO and Non-Allergen certified, compliant with EU Food Additive Regulation
  • REACH registered.

Fruit and Vegetable Processing Temperatures

Shrieve offers a comprehensive range of foam inhibitors for fruit and vegetable processing in specific temperatures ranges.

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