shrieve's PROGILINE®  FI range of high performance foam inhibitors

PROGILINE® FI technology works by mimicking the molecules contained in the bubbles that make up the foam. When PROGILINE® FI is introduced into the system, its molecules line up with the naturally occurring ones within the bubble wall. However, because the FI molecules are not structurally identical to the foam causing surfactants, they destabilise the bubble wall, ultimately causing the foam to break down.

The PROGILINE® FI range of foam inhibitors are highly specific, active products that minimise dosage rates in their given application. PROGILINE® FI has demonstrated up to 60% treat-rate reduction compared with other available products. The specific design of PROGILINE® FI molecules have enabled a significant performance benefit of the products offering both anti-foaming and defoaming capability, increasing efficiency in intended application at required operational temperatures. They effectively reduce problems with air, surface foaming, and flaws caused by bubbles.

Using PROGILINE® FI will help to lower overall foam control adjuvant inventory and lead to a more simplified and efficient supply chain.