The PROGILINE FI range are polyalkylene glycol (PAG) based, high-performance, foam inhibitors. The PROGILINE foam inhibitor range is designed to be more efficient for businesses that need a total foam control solution by providing both anti-foaming and defoaming properties in one product and streamlining your foam control problems.

Our range of foam control products find specific use in aqueous systems including many food & beverage processing applications, pulp & paper, microbiological fermentation, desalination, and boiler waters.

PROGILINE FI Foam Inhibitors have demonstrated up to 60% treat-rate reduction* compared with other foam control solutions. Switching to our PROGILINE FI range of solutions will help to lower overall foam control adjuvant inventory and lead to a simplified and more efficient supply chain.


There are many benefits to using PROGILINE FI. The product is designed to be a highly specific, active product that minimizes dosage rates in any application. This has enabled us to create an active product that requires no dilution before dosing. PROGILINE FI offers the following features:

  • Ready for use; no dilution required which simplifies dosing
  • Tailored products for optimum performance
  • Antifoam and defoaming capabilities
  • Up to 60% reduction* in treat rate in comparison to other products and solutions (*based on field trial data)
  • FDA compliant, Kosher, and Halal approved.

Our foam inhibitor solution is specifically designed for aqueous defoaming and anti-foaming applications from 0°C to 100°C whilst remaining effective at dosage ranges as low as 10ppm, making it a cost-effective solution.  


At Shrieve, we have over 40 years of chemical expertise, and we understand what our clients need. We have global supply chain and logistics expertise, meaning we can get our product to you as quickly as you need it. Localized inventory allows us to have a short lead-time call-off to suit campaign and processing requirements.

The addition of our PROGILINE FI range is a natural extension of our PAG portfolio and will allow our customers to enjoy the same service levels for these products that you have come to expect from Shrieve.

If you are looking to change your anti-foam and/or defoamer solution to our foam inhibitor solution, please contact us today.

PROGILINE FI 00100: A 100% active polyalkylene glycol that has been specifically developed to improve various aspects of paper pulp manufacturing. It is an exceptional antifoam and defoamer in aqueous systems above 0°C, either singularly or as part of a formulation. PROGILINE FI 00100 is developed specifically to improve all aspects of paper manufacturing and may also find application in the starch and vegetable processing industries. It is suitable for a wide range of cold water applications in general.

PROGILINE FI 0525: A concentrated 100% active FI, with the option to formulate for cost/dosing optimisation. It has been specifically designed for defoaming/foam suppression in cold water sugar beet processing/first stage refining and operates over a wide temperature range of 5-25°C.

PROGILINE FI 1030: A concentrated 100% active FI – maximum product efficiency at low dosages. Option to dilute for ease of dosing. Typical application areas include paper and vegetable/fruit processing industries. This product operates over a temperature range of 10-30°C.

PROGILINE FI 2640: A concentrated 100% active FI – maximum product efficiency at low dosages. Option to dilute for ease of dosing. It has been designed for application in microbiological fermentation and other water-based systems. It has Minimal impact of fermentation process yields and operates over a temperature range of 26-40°C. 

PROGILINE FI 4070: A lower temperature foam control agent, PROGILINE FI 4070 complements the higher temperature performance of PROGILINE FI 50100 and can be esterified to further improve lower antifoam performance. PROGILINE FI 4070 has been individually designed to operate over the specific temperature ranges of 40-70ºC, and is particularly suitable in process areas where localised temperature variation is a problem.

PROGILINE FI 50100: A concentrated 100% active FI, with the option to formulate for cost/dosing optimisation. It has been specifically designed for defoaming/foam suppression in the diffusion, liming and carbonation of sugar beet processing. It is suitable for use over a wide pH range and operates over the upper-temperature range of 45-100°C. FI 50100 is also suitable for other aqueous systems operating in the specified temperature range, e.g. boiler water systems.

Our PROGILINE FI range of products have been considered in compliance with the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and all applicable food additive regulations. These products have been approved for use in Sugar Beet Processing and for use in Processing Root Crop Vegetables and Fruits. For further information about our FDA approvals, please contact us

Our PROGILINE FI range of products have been Halal Certified by Halal Certification Europe (HCE). For further information about our Halal Certification, please contact us.

Our PROGILINE FI range of products have been Kosher Certified by the London Beth Din Kashrut Division (KLBD). For further information about our Kosher Certification, please contact us.