The PROGILINE HT series are high-performance heat transfer fluids that can operate over a broad temperature range of 15°F to 660°F (-9°C to 345°C) and can be used in non-pressurized systems.

PROGILINE HT heat transfer fluids are available in various formulations and operating ranges, all provide excellent, efficient operation, minimum maintenance, and precise temperature control.

A major advantage of liquid heat transfer is lower cost installation and operation. Capital cost is reduced by the elimination of larger diameter piping, safety valves, steam traps, and water treatment facilities. Operating cost is reduced by low maintenance requirements and reduced make-up. PROGILINE heat transfer fluids are typically liquid phase media.

Shrieve HT products are non-corrosive to metals conventionally used in heat transfer systems. For heat transfer operation at temperatures above 230°C, proper sealing materials such as graphite gaskets are necessary to ensure heat transfer system integrity.

Additionally, Shrieve offers PROGILINE HT Flush and PROGILINE HT Flush Concentrate for cleanout operations. Please ask us for information on our system cleaning products if required.

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Did you know?

Heat transfer fluids are divided into two general categories: vapor phase and liquid phase operations. Before charging new heat transfer fluids, topping off, or changing over to replacement fluids, care must be given to review the process requirements and follow engineering recommendations from boiler manufacturers and system design engineers, from which a proper candidate of heat transfer fluid can then be selected.