A fire hazard may exist wherever the accidental escape of pressurized hydraulic fluid may occur near a flame, molten metals or hot surfaces. Major fire risk exists, for example in the mining industry, forging industry, die-casting and in welding applications.

PROGILINE Hydraulic Fluids featured below are fire resistant and greatly reduce the risk of fire upon accidental release without compromising the performance or reliability of hydraulic system components.

PROGILINE fire resistant hydraulic fluids provide excellent protection against liquid and vapor phase corrosion, high levels of wear protection and good foam resistance. Low pour point ensures consistent performance over a wide temperature range.

PROGILINE HFD-U FR hydraulic fluid is a fully synthetic fire-resistant type HFD-U hydraulic fluid formulated for high-performance hydraulic systems.

PROGILINE HFD-U FR is formulated with synthetic polyalkylene glycol and an additive package demonstrating a high level of protection against wear with a 12-stage rating in the FZG Gear test. The fluid is also resistant to oxidative and thermal degradation, maintains good shear stability, and superior low-temperature properties.


  • Resists oxidation for long system life
  • Improves extreme pressure (EP) operation & provides anti-wear
  • Extends use with Fire Resistant Factory Mutual approval
  • Maintains system operation as PROGILINE HFD-U FR will not form sludge or varnish
  • Readily biodegradable

PROGILINE HFD-U FR  hydraulic fluid is available in three viscosity grades – 32, 46 and 68.

Please contact your regional Shrieve office for information on handling precautions, maximum recommended storage temperatures and equipment conversion/change out procedures. This product should not be mixed with mineral oil or PAO lubricants.

PROGILINE HF-C series are fire resistant water-glycol (HF-C) hydraulic fluids:


This product has a water content of 36% and is recommended for use where a combination of optimal lubricity characteristics and fire-resistance are required, for example in metal die casting operations.


This product has a water content of 43wt% and is particularly recommended for use where the highest safety margin is needed, for example mining applications.


This product is a concentrated form of HF-C fluid which enables the formulator to derive both PROGILINE HF-C 4643 and PROGILINE HF-C 4636 by further blending of the concentrate with Di-Ethylene Glycol (DEG) and water.

A thorough draining and flushing procedure is essential when converting from other fluids to water-glycol based fluids. Systems filled with phosphate ester should be flushed with mineral oil prior to undertaking a further flushing procedure with HF-C.

Please contact your regional Shrieve office for additional information on fire resistance, handling and blending precautions, system and compatibility considerations together with further information on equipment conversion/change out procedures.